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Clan MacLennan USA

Our association is the United States branch of the worldwide Clan MacLennan association.

In 1978, Ronald George MacLennan became the 34th Chief of Clan MacLennan.  A few years after Ronald became Chief, the Clan MacLennan USA Association came into being.  The new association had convenors all over the United States, and they would go to various Scottish games in order to represent MacLennan.

On the East coast, Red McLendon was a convenor in North Carolina and in Georgia.  As was Woodie Woodward in Virginia.  Donald Waugh was an active convenor with the games in Florida.  On the West coast, John MacLennan was our earliest and most active convenor, living first in California and then in Nevada.

Between the two coasts, our early convenors were Mike MacLennan in Texas and Jack MacLennan in Illinois.  They represented our clan in McLennan County, Texas and Chicago, Illinois respectively.

These early pioneers ably represented our Clan and organized the beginnings of our association.  They were joined by many others who supported their work and carried it forward to our present time.  Now that the internet has become integral to so many of our lives, we are yet again moving toward improved communication with our new Clan MacLennan USA webpage.


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"Journey to 2014 Clan Homecoming Gathering", by Kathy MacLennan.  Posted to this website on 2016/May/30.


Oct/16-18:  The weather was chilly at the Stone Mountain Highlands Games, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  On both Saturday and Sunday the games began the day at 42F.  Despite the chilliness, on Saturday there was a huge crowd.  Don Waugh, Pam Llorens, and Pepper & Jane McLendon were at the Clan MacLennan tent to greet visitors.  In the picture below Don is at the tent reading the SMHG program.  Santa was at the games again this year, and was holding forth at the Clan MacLennan tent!

Don at our tent in Stone Mountain.



March/21:  Don Waugh was at the South Florida Highland Games, in Snyder Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and this is a picture of his display at the tent.

Don's tent at the South Florida Games.



Jan/22:  Our webpage on the Clan MacLennan Worldwide website has been updated.

Jan/17-18:  Jim McLennan had a tent for Clan MacLennan at the Central Florida Scottish Highlands Games, in Winter Springs, Florida.



Our association has a new website in development.  This site.  :-)



Clan MacLennan USA purchased a domain-name in order to create a website and put up an email server.  These will make it possible for us to: update the list of Officers, update the membership form, publish new information, broadcast articles from time to time, achieve better email functionality, provide support for our endeavors on Facebook and Twitter, &c.



We had a Clan Tent at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Georgia.
(Yes, Santa was present.)

Our tent at Stone Mountain.



2014 Clan Homecoming Gathering
John and Kathy MacLennan of Chicago, Illinois attended the Clan MacLennan gathering in Inverness, Scotland.  The planning committee had arranged for a jam-packed four-day schedule of activities.  On the first evening there was a welcoming event, and the following morning was the Clan Parliament, ...  For the rest of the story, please see the article which Kathy MacLennan has given to us: "Journey to 2014 Clan Homecoming Gathering".

Clan MacLennan tartan.

Sample of the MacLennan tartan (modern version). Sample of the MacLennan tartan (ancient version).



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